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  • Misunderstandings during the marriage
  • Dowry
  • Irresponsible parents
  • Troublesome in laws
  • Suspicious spouse
  • Infertility
  • Extra marital relationship
  • Difference in religion/caste
  • Difference in behaviour
  • Over Expectations.
  • Mental illness
  • Financial problems
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Married because horoscopes matched well.
  • Food habits
  • Addiction
  • Hosts of other things.

Guidelines to Resolve the conflicts.

  • I am O.K. you are O.K. attitude
  •  Forgive and forget
  •  Never dig the past.
  •  Let conflict not last for long.
  •  Do not involve/ blame parents.
  •  Do not quarrel in the presence of others.
  •  Difference of opinion is normal . Do not blame others.
  •   Man should never pass any adverse remark about the character of woman; and woman about the masculinity  or potency of man.

Improper Ways of Resolving Conflicts

  • Not to be on talking terms.
  • Going to parents home
  • Using others as messengers
  • Getting addicted to alcohol or substance abuse
  • Battering the spouse
  • All these are improper and immature ways.

Meet the Marriage counselor at the Earliest

  • Marital conflict is like a three legged race. When there is a conflict, both are hurt.
  •  When the relations are thin, the faults are thick.
  •  There is no formula for successful and happy  marriage.
  •  A happy marriage is the reward of a great deal of efforts.
  •  Give to get is the Mantra for successful married life.