Deutche Accreditation Board


NABH Certificate

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Hony. Professorship Certificate



Prestigious Title

(1.)   Hony Professor IMA FCGP

(2.)  Joint Secretary Finances IMA Head Quater 2022-2024

(3.)   Ex. President IMA Rajasthan (2019 To 2021).

(4.)  President International Association of Sexual Medicine Practioner.

(5.)  Vice President of Council of Sex Education & Parenthood International.

(6.)  Vice President of National Sexology Society of India.

(7.)  Consultant National Board of Quality Promotion (NBQP).

(8.)  Treasurer of Indian Andro-Pause Society.

(9.)  NABH Consultant For “Hospitals and Healthcare”.

Prestigious Membership

(1.)  Life Member of ISQUA (International Society for Quality in Health Care).

(2.)  Life Member of ASQUA (Asian Society for Quality in Health Care).

(3.)  Life Member of QCI (Quality Council of India).

(4.)  Member of IMA Committee for Anti Quackery, New Delhi.

(5.)  Member of Central Working Committee IMA, New Delhi.

(6.)  Life Member if Research Foundation of Hospital & Health Care Administration (RFHHA).


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All Awards Achieved By Dr. M. N. Thareja

All Certificate Achieved By Dr. M. N. Thareja


A sexologist is trained and educated in terms of human sexual health. They are a specialist in sexology (the study of human sex life or sexual relationships). They deal with sexual development, orientation, dysfunction, relationships and disorders concerning any of these aspects that may affect a person’s sex life.
Sexologists can help deal with sexual dysfunction, and problems in sexual feelings and behaviours. They can assist help people improve sexual health and interactions for indivuals and between partners. They do this by taking a detailed history taking and dong blood tests or imaging tests if any. They will make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment accordingly.

Sexologists can help with the following problems:
• Premature ejaculation in men
• Problems with intercourse technique
• Addiction to sex or watching porn
• Delayed ejaculation
• Inability to get aroused
• Erectile dysfunction in men
• Not getting attracted to the partner
• Inability to enjoy oral sex
• Fetishes
• Impotency
• Frigidity

You might have to visit a sexologist if you:
• Have intense sexual behaviours
• Are not able to match your sexual desires and needs
• Have a low sex drive
• Have physiological problems that might lower your sex drive
• Are preoccupied or obsessed with sexual thoughts

Sex therapists can be family and marriage therapists. They can also be a psychologist, a clinical social worker or a psychiatrist. Whereas, sexologists only deal with managing and treating sexual health problems.

A social psychologist assesses the effects of people on individual’s mental health including their feelings, behaviors, and thoughts. Whereas a sexologist helps people deal with sexual health problems by using their knowledge of psychology, biology and medicine.

A sex therapist asks people to describe their sexual health problems. Based on the type of problem, sexologists determine the number of sessions required. The treatment plan is prepared accordingly. Some therapists also ask couples to perform certain exercises together.

A sexologist asks people to describe their sexual problems in detail. The sexologist then tries to determine if the sexual problem is due to a psychological or physical factor, or a combination of both. Treatment is planned accordingly.